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Fast Flow is one of the only companies in Yorkshire to offer liquid floor screed – an innovative and quick-drying solution with a range of applications.

Using our top-of-the-range Putzmeister worm pump, we efficiently pour liquid floor screed to provide a strong, smooth and even surface. Prior to application, thorough sanding and moisture testing must be carried out to ensure the best possible finish, and Fast Flow can take care of the entire process.

Why us?

Why choose fast flow
screeding company?

  • Family-run business filled with passion, precision and pride in its projects

  • Industry-leading liquid screed brands

  • Efficient application and service, laying 100m2 in under 45 minutes

  • Advanced technology and materials allow for thinner layers and reduced costs

  • Liquid screed dries as soon as 24 hours without cracking, shrinking or curling

What are the benefits of
liquid floor screed?

  • We use industry-leading brands such as Topflow 

  • With its thin viscosity, liquid floor screed is quickly pumped onto the desired area and settles much more evenly and efficiently than traditional screed

  • Perfect solution for underfloor heating systems

  • Improved insulation and thermal diffusion, leading to a more efficient heat distribution

  • Equivalent levels of thermal comfort can be achieved at lower operating temperatures when compared to radiator systems

  • Perfectly level finish every time. Self-levelling and can be used to build up floors such as basements

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What is liquid floor screed?

Liquid screed is a alternative flooring material to traditional concrete and sand that is fast to install, strong, thinner than normal screed, and gives fantastic benefits when it comes to underfloor heating. It also saves you money as less needs to be used to effectively cover floors.


Liquid screed can be applied extremely quickly, often at a rate of 100m2 in 45 minutes.

What is thin coat?

Thin coat is used at 5mm to 20mm in depth, it can be used over tiles to level a floor or as part of an underfloor heating system.

What is thick coat?

Thick coat is the same liquid screed, but used at depths over 40mm, which is more suitable for building a floor high up.


Liquid screed is normally dry to touch after about 24 hours, but we would recommend waiting 48 hours before walking on it. The time before it is fully dry to apply the final floor covering varies, dependant on the screed thickness, type and the conditions. Under ideal drying conditions (a well ventilated room) Screed A dries at a rate of 1mm/day up to a thickness of 40mm, and then at a rate of 0.5mm/day for thicknesses above this.

When could you tile or finish the floor?

You can walk on screed after 24 to 48 hours, but it must be fully dry before a final floor covering can be applied. It is possible to assist or force dry floor screed after seven days. The typical time before you could finish the floor - depending on thickness and materials - is usually around two weeks.