Types of floor screed

Using a wide selection of floor screed, Fast Flow innovatively navigates even the most difficult scenarios to breathe new life to your property. Get in touch to discuss your project and receive highly competitive prices on all brands.

Anhydrite Screed

Tarmac Topflow Screed A is the most popular screed, an innovative compound which fully envelopes underfloor heating pipes, allowing better distribution and thermal efficiency by eliminating voids and honeycombs. Its thin viscosity and fast-drying qualities make application a quick process using our state-of-the-art pump.

Cement Screed

TOPFLOW Screed C is a pump applied free flowing cement based screed suitable for most applications including underfloor heating and wet environments. Designed to provide a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings prior to the application of floor finishes, Screed C can be placed unbonded or floating. It is also suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Latex screed - ultra thin

Ultra rapid setting latex screed is suitable for use on floors with underfloor heating. It has excellent adhesion and is unaffected by moisture, meaning it can be applied directly to damp concrete. Latex levelling screed is ideal for new build projects and can be applied up to 10mm in a single application.

Excelio - thin screed

This top-of-the-range solution from industry-leaders Topflow is specifically designed for bonded construction between 12 and 30mm. Excelio has a uniquely thin make-up, allowing it to solidify in a remarkably fast time. It can be walked on as soon as 24 hours after application, has minimum thermal expansion (0.012mm), needs no reinforcement, and has a host of other innovative benefits.


Topflow Screed A SoundBar is designed for use over timber joists both in masonry and timber framed designs. The system can be used in both commercial and residential projects and is ideally suited where improved acoustic, loading and durability are required.


Thermio anhydritec environmental screed solution, has been developed to further improve underfloor heating systems by creating the first screed specifically designed to complement both water underfloor heating and cooling systems. Thermio boasts a 30% increase in performance by diffusing heat quicker and allowing for a much improved ramp up temperature. Benefits to heating and cooling efficiency can result in an 8% decrease in energy costs.

Floor screed prices

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Pricing varies depending on size of room, depth of screed, type of screed, and project location. Please contact us for a FREE site survey to get an accurate cost.

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What is liquid floor screed?

Liquid screed is a alternative flooring material to traditional concrete and sand that is fast to install, strong, thinner than normal screed, and gives fantastic benefits when it comes to underfloor heating. It also saves you money as less needs to be used to effectively cover floors.


Liquid screed can be applied extremely quickly, often at a rate of 100m2 in 45 minutes.

What is thin coat?

Thin coat is used at 5mm to 20mm in depth, it can be used over tiles to level a floor or as part of an underfloor heating system.

What is thick coat?

Thick coat is the same liquid screed, but used at depths over 40mm, which is more suitable for building a floor high up.


Liquid screed is normally dry to touch after about 24 hours, but we would recommend waiting 48 hours before walking on it. The time before it is fully dry to apply the final floor covering varies, dependant on the screed thickness, type and the conditions. Under ideal drying conditions (a well ventilated room) Screed A dries at a rate of 1mm/day up to a thickness of 40mm, and then at a rate of 0.5mm/day for thicknesses above this.

When could you tile or finish the floor?

You can walk on screed after 24 to 48 hours, but it must be fully dry before a final floor covering can be applied. It is possible to assist or force dry floor screed after seven days. The typical time before you could finish the floor - depending on thickness and materials - is usually around two weeks.