Underflooor heatingsystems

Underfloor heating is a system of electric or water-filled pipes beneath a floor which provides heat to a room. However, with space between the pipes and floor, heat distribution and efficiency can be compromised, wasting energy and reducing the system’s effectiveness. This is why it is important to use floor screed as part of an underfloor heating system. It Increases energy efficiency and heat distribution by enveloping pipes without leaving voids or honeycombs. When screeding is used as part of an underfloor heating system, there is no need for a traditional radiator in that room, creating a more aesthetic finish.

Underfloor heating System

Step 1

  • The purpose of this layer is to reflect the heat up in to the room instead of heating below

  • Different thicknesses can be used e.g. 25mm, 50mm ,75mm or 100mm

  • This layer reflects the heat up in to the room instead of heating below

Underfloor heating system

Step 2
Plastic membrane

  • This stage involves the Fast Flow team laying a plastic membrane which keeps the screed in the correct area during pumping

  • The membrane also allows the liquid screed to dry correctly and more efficiently

  • This helps ensure our consistently high standards when screeding underfloor heating systems

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Underfloor heating System

Step 3

  • Laying the pipework is the final step before the screed is applied

  • The pipework needs to cover the floor evenly and have the correct amount for the room size

  • Once finished, the pipework is connected to the central heating system and tested

Heating control

Step 4
multi-zone system

  • If the underfloor heating system covers a large area you may wish to have different heating zones, to better control the temperature across your house

  • Allows you to control the temperature in different rooms, much like the traditional radiator

  • It's possible to have as many heating zones as you like.

  • Heating can come on and off at different times, in different zones.

Underfloor heating system

Step 5
screeding applied

  • Liquid screed is a self-levelling product that permanently encases all the pipework

  • Efficient application and service, laying 100m2 in under 45 minutes

  • The floor is now ready for the customer final covering - tiles, wood, carpet or vinyl